What We Are
  • A project of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • A non-governmental advocacy group
  • Promoting the best practices in the resolution of commercial and regulatory disputes
  • Research, studies and surveys
  • Advocacy for institutional and legal reform
  • Training
  • Collaboration (e.g. with NBA)
Our Vision
  • Civil justice will promote economic development
  • Adjudication of civil disputes will be just, efficient and economical
  • Maximum duration of a full-length civil case will 18 months
  • Fast-track cases will be even shorter
  • ADR will play an even greater role


Model Law for Civil Justice Reform:

the journey so Far
  • Stakeholders’ summit with representatives of Bar, Judiciary and House of Assembly in Ekiti State (December 2018)
  • Enacted by Ekiti State on 4 June 2019
  • Joint committee of CRID-LawNet and Lagos Ministry of Justice – work in progress
  • Engagements with Ogun State MoJ, Judiciary
  • Engagements with Federal AG, National Judicial Institute
  • Next steps: (1). National Civil Justice Reform Summit (2). Engagements with other states